Yet ANOTHER OMG web site..
After WAY too much feet draging I have decided to redo the OMG site yet again.  The old site was getting outdated, and getting updates for the forums/ content management system was just too much of a pain.  That coupled with the web hosting company planning on an update to its SQL servers (Which would have broken the old website) I have decided just to nuke the old one, and force myself to start over.  Don't expect anything amazing anytime soon.  Just more slacking.

Currently we are migrating over to an e107 based CMS (TBH, e107 was the original CMS we used for the website ohh so long ago, in the days of Vanguard).  Hopefully this one lasts a bit longer, as e107 has matured quite a bit, and should be able to handle all of our needs.


 - Ice_Hole of OMG Im Drunk

Posted byIce_Hole
on Thursday 05 September 2013 - 22:50:02
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